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17 May 2024


Canadian Prime Minister Arrives in Manila

canada-primeCanadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper arrived in Manila on 09 November 2012 on board an Airbus A310. Prime Minister Harper’s visit marks the first highest-level of a Canadian Official since Prime Minister Jean Chretien brought a business delegation to the Philippines 15 years ago. He arrived after a six day tour of India to discuss bi-lateral trade with President Benigno Aquino III and was accompanied by a business delegation that included the Canadian Minister of International Trade, Minister of Natural Resources, a Filipino- Canadian Senator and 10 other Filipino – Canadian community leaders.

The honor of being the official ground handler for the Prime Minister’s flight was given to AGES Aviation Center, Inc. Manila ’s most seasoned FBO, who provided ground handling service that included cargo handling, aircraft repositioning and special coordination for access to the Presidential Hangar.