Today is:
20 July 2024


Starkey Hearing Foundation returns to brings the Gift of Hearing to Manila

starkeyThe Starkey Hearing Foundation, the Global Leader in the Gift of Hearing, was once again in the Philippines to deliver hearing aids to the countless number of those in need, as part of theirĀ  annual hearing mission that takes placeĀ  in 86 countries around the world. Founder William F. Austin, whose vision “So the World May Hear”, arrived on board a Gulfstream IV and was accompanied by co founder Tani Austin and several other individuals.

Their hearing mission coincided with the arrival of the most successful male solo artist of all time, Sir Elton John. Sir Elton John is just one of the many celebrity supporters of the Starkey Hearing Foundation, and despite a very hectic schedule found the time to do some charity work with the foundation.

AGES Aviation Center, Inc. is proud to have provided ground handling support to such a noble and commendable cause.