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15 April 2024


Brief Stop at RPVM for the Prime Minister of New Zealand

nz-prime2The Prime Minister of New Zealand, Rt Hon John Key, who was visiting China to celebrate the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between New Zealand and China , as well as the 5th anniversary of the signing of the Free Trade Agreement, make a brief technical stop at Mactan Cebu International Airport on 12 April 2013. Accompanied by one of the largest delegations to travel offshore, AGES Aviation Center Inc. headed the arrangement to provide VVIP service to the Prime Minister and the delegates.    

On board the Royal New Zealand Air Force Boeing 757, the Prime Minister did a brief technical stop for fuel uplift and catering service in Cebu (Mactan Cebu international Airport) CEB/RPVM. Part of the VVIP arrangement AGES provided was the use of the MCIA MIP Lounge for the Prime Minister and delegates, where they stayed until all services that AGES Aviation Center, Inc provided were completed.