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20 July 2024


CEO of Melco Crown Entertainment unveils The City of Dreams Manila

melcoAs shared by Agence France-Presse of the Philippine Daily Inquirer

MANILA—Macau developer Melco Crown Entertainment is raising its investment in a $1-billion casino project in the Philippines to offer more gaming tables and luxury hotel rooms, the company said Wednesday.

The “City of Dreams Manila” project, to open in mid-2014, will now require an initial outlay of $680 million, or $60 million more than previously announced, its chief executive Lawrence Ho said in Manila.

“We think it’s going to be money well spent. As a company we make sure that there’s good value in terms of where we put the money in,” he told a brief news conference.
The casino is a joint venture with the SM Group of Chinese-Filipino billionaire Henry Sy, the Philippines’ wealthiest man.

The project is one of four holders of government franchises to build four $1-billion casinos. They will be sited in a gaming enclave constructed by the government on reclaimed land in Manila Bay and called Entertainment City.

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