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17 May 2024


Justin Bieber Visits Typhoon Victims in the Philippines.

bieberAfter a headline-making tour, Justin Bieber is ending his controversial concert season by doing some good.

The 19-year-old pop star traveled to Manila on Tuesday, Dec 10, for the final date of this Believe tour The Canadian singer and his entourage flew via chartered helicopter to Tacloban. Justin Bieber visits typhoon victims in the Philippines.

AGES Aviation Center, Inc. was the FBO of choice of the group as we insured a seamless short stay for the international Pop Star.

In a personal note to our Mr. Christopher B. Salonga the crew of Justin Bieber – Ms. Nanees Said had this to share: “I want to thank you for the amazing job everyone did for us and our aircraft. I have been traveling the world for 10 years visiting many FBO’s and many Caterers’ and you guys have given the best service I have ever seen. Thank you”

We are once again humbled to be regarded as one of the best FBO’s in the world.