Today is:
17 May 2024


Admiral Harry Harris Jr. arrives in Manila

The commander of the United States Pacific Command arrived in the Philippines last Tuesday to discuss security problem involving the West Philippine Sea (WPS).

Admiral Harry Harris Jr. will meet top Philippine military officials before flying to Palawan to assess the security situation in the WPS.

Harris was accorded military honors by AFP chief of staff Gen. Hernando Iriberri at Camp Aguinaldo before holding discussions with ranking military officials in Palawan.

Ages Aviation Center, Inc. supported the visit of the Pacific Fleet Commander with the use of our VIP lounge where the Admiral had a short briefing upon arrival with Philippine Air Force Commanding Gen. Jeffrey Delgado and members of the US Embassy Manila. Ages as always provided full security support to the aircraft with our very own mobile security outpost that could be positioned anywhere in the airport, equipped with its own power unit the security outpost has air-conditioning, power outlets and wifi keeping the aircraft’s security details away from the elements.

Upon the return of the Admiral from Palawan, Ages ensured a quick turnaround, limiting the Admiral’s ground time to the minimum.