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US Marine Lieutenant General Lewis A. Craparotta visit

US Marine Lieutenant General Lewis A. Craparotta visit
February 16-18, 2019

Manila- Lieutenant General Lewis A. Craparotta, Commander of U.S. Marine Forces Pacific (MARFORPAC), visited the Philippines from February 16 to 18 and emphasized the importance of the U.S.-Philippine alliance to the Indo-Pacific region.

During his visit, Craparotta met with the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Gen. Benjamin Madrigal Jr. and the Commandant of the Philippine Marine Corps (PMC) General Alvin Parreño to discuss the U.S. Marine Corps-AFP partnership.

Lt. Gen. Craparotta’s visit to the Philippines, his first since taking command of MARFORPAC in August of 2018, reaffirmed the U.S. Marine Corps’ close ties with the PMC.

Orignal post from the US Embassy Philippines Website.

Ages Aviation Center, Inc. is honor to have been of service to the Lt. Gen.’s C-20 a militarized Gulfstream 450 while in Manila. The Ages lounge hosted the delegation assigned to meet and accompany Lt. Gen. Craparotta while in the country.